Ginamarie Austin


Known as purple to her friends, Ginamarie Austin is on the road to finding her own two feet.  After the sudden passing of her husband, Ginamarie is following his wishes; to not stand around waiting, but to cherish life and it's challenges. She's doing just that.

Mark Holmes


Mark's interest in motorcycle travel started when he read Jim Rogers' Investment Biker, continuing through to Ted Simon.  Mark, set out to understand his place in the world riding the world's largest capacity production bike.  Is he crazy? We think so ... perfect for Traverse

Ivan Phillips


Ten years ago a tragedy that many of us could never comprehend set Ivan Phillips on a path of discovery.  He took off on his bike, did the 'lap' of Australia, discovered his country, discovered his faith in humanity ... he discovered himself ...

Leigh Wilkins


The mad man trying to pull all of this together.  Has a serious habit of falling off his bike ... best way to meet people ... 

Works hard to keep the name "Captain Risky"

Zoe Cano


Ever since a kid, Zoe Cano has had a passion for travel.  Trekking the Amazon, walking the Great Wall of China, and even rowing the Thames weren't enough.  She rode the 'roads less travelled' of the USA.  Three rides, three acclaimed books.  Zoe  is always looking for that next adventure.  

Heather Ellis


In 1992 Heather Ellis took off, left her home, left Australia, on an epic ride that would see her discover Africa, discover the world, discover herself, discover UBUNTU ...

She's still discovering ...

Vanda Pacheco


Aboard her small capacity Kimco, she's the leader of a one woman biker gang.  Watch out world, Vanda is out looking for adventure, looking to explore, looking to scoot where she can ...

Gordon Stuart


That's him, The Arctic Rider!  He's going to ride every country that has territory within the Arctic circle and all for charity.  Says he's nothing special, just likes riding his bike ...that's special.

Mick McDonald


Author of The Biggest Mistake of Our Lives, founder of Compass Expeditions.  Does he think it was a mistake? Probably! And a hell of a lot of fun too.

Brendan Barbetti


One of the four that runs Compass Expeditions.  Likes taking people all over the world, loves telling the tales ...

Renae Kunda


Lives in north Queensland, works on that pointy bit called Cape York, work is all about bike tours ... we want that job!

Paris Wolfe


Wins awards with her writing, often from the back of her partners bike.  Paris is a listener, you hear that? She's a listener.  Paris also has a story to tell, so let's get reading.

Brett Hart


Brett loves the desert, loves the sand.  He gets out a bit in both, especially in Oman.  He's always up for a ride and loves taking others with him.

David Mobley


Born in Brooklyn, USA, traveller of the world, resides in Cali, Colombia.  David gave up the corporate world for something more fulfilling, he found that on two wheels ... 

Dave Scott


Dave's an Englishman struggling with the heat, with the humidity, of Cambodia and he wouldn't have it any other way.  He's had plenty of adventure, and has plenty of tales to tell ...

Alex Nikonov


Alex is Russian, yet after travelling the world, realised he knew very little of his homeland ... Alex is exploring the world's largest country and he wants you to join him ...

Mike Hannah


Mike's a traveller, so is his wife Jo, together with their 'aging' BMW R1150GS called Elephant they continue to travel the world, sharing their stories, sharing their Elephant Tales ...

Mike Ferris


37 years old, Mike had a mid-life crisis, grew his hair, got an ear-ring and trekked to Mt Everest.  Under a mystical power of the local vegetation he was sold a motorbike ... he's still having the mid-life crisis ...

Antonia Bollingbroke-Kent


Needs no introduction, Ants is a record breaker, author, TV producer.  Her greatest claim is the ability to speak Mongolian, after a few vodka's.  

Alberto Lara


Alberto grew up with travel in his blood, the biking sort of came later.  He's combined both with his passion for photography and is sharing his art with Traverse ...

Naomi Tweddle


Growing up with motorcycle travel was all it took, and she's never stopped, covering over 100,000km across 12 countries. Naomi is sharing her adventures as she keeps on riding.

Trevor Marc Hughes


Trevor worked in the media in his home of British Colombia, Canada, yet never knew the real people, the real culture.  He's jumped on his bike and discovered his home, discovered the real British Colombia.

Chris Foster


Dr Chris Foster has been travelling for years, by any means, by any mode.  Through science and mathematics he's connecting with kids and teaching them about our natural world.

Chris Venter


Started off as a scooter rider, ended up as the Blind Scooter Guy.  Chris is an adventurer in the truest sense, he sees the world without sight, without prejudice.  He proves a blind man can ...

Jacqui Furneaux


At the age of 50 Jacqui gave herself a present; a Royal Enfield.  She set off to travel, for one year with no plans ... seven years later, she's sort of settled ... sort of ...

Clare Mailler


Clare is the General Manager of Ural Australia, yes, that's right, those Russian sidecar things ... who better to tell tales of adventure?

Greg Jansen


One half of Rocky Creek Designs, Greg loves a yarn, he's not bad with a camera too, and most of the time he's on about adventure rides.

Val Weston


Val's a traveller, photographer, writer, geologist, adventurer and best of all a motorcyclist.  Val is exactly what Traverse is about ...

Saj Sinniah


Has never ridden a bike, has never had an interest in bikes ... watched Bruce Brown's On Any Sunday and is starting to see the light ...

Rex Havoc


The name says it all really!

Rex is one of the good guys, he organises tours through the Himalaya's while making sure he gives back to the communities he visits.

Steph Jeavons


Steph's done it all, been to all seven continents and mostly all on a bike.  She doesn't do it fast or for records, she does it slow and takes it all in.

Gilles Robert


Gilles is a bit of an adventure seeker, he climbs mountains, he skies down them, and now he's riding around them.  Gilles is exploring the Americas.

Suzie Bostock


Suzie, and her partner Kelvin, took time off work and set out to explore South America.  Along with their mascot, Cyril the Sloth, they're sharing their finds and what finds they are.

Emmanuel McConville


Emmanuel is an addict, and he's all about admitting to his addiction ... TRAVEL ... and he's happy to share it with you ...

Deborah Azzopardi


"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all", Debs agrees with Helen Keller and so she has jumped on the back of a bike and is exploring the world, in her own Wild Feathers way.

Daryl Cauchi


The other half of Wild Feathers, Daryl is the silent one.  He sees the world through the click of a camera, capturing the art for all of us to enjoy.

Asta Dovydenaite


From Lithuania, Asta is one half of 2 Wheeled Adventures, the first motorcyclists from Lithuania to ride around the world.  Great stories, great attitude, great adventures ... 2 Wheeled Adventures ...

Linas Mockevicius


Linas is the other half of 2 Wheeled Adventures.  He's a gadget man, loves his toys, more importantly loves to travel ... thankfully, Linas shares his stories.

Ben King


Ben started off trying to be the youngest person to ride around the world, it's taken him so long to just get out of Europe he's decided that records aren't important ... smart decision ...

Paul Pritchard


Paul Pritchard, climber of note, adventuring legend.  He'll take on anything and we love hearing all about it ... disabled, not unable ...

Viv Canini


Viv's a dabbler, she has a go at anything and everything, she's not afraid to have a go.  She's an expert on the Himalaya, but wants to travel further.  She'll do it ...

Johanna Bryant


Johanna Bryant a time-tossed coffee-fuelled vagrant with a winning smile and a take no prisoners attitude.  Johanna has a crack at everything.  Come along for the ride ...

Josh Bryant


Josh is a supernatural astronaut on a search for a fabled lost city and a decent cheeseburger.  He's part of the Adventures of JB2, and well worth a read.

Ryan Jaffe


He's a photographic artist based in Australia, he's an adventurer who loves to ride bikes, he's Ryan Jaffe and he wants to take you along on the adventure!

Iris Van Dam


A traveller since a kid, a lover of the world ever since … Iris Van Dam has a travellers tale … she wants to share it, we want to experience it ...

David Pueyo


David got the bug and travelled South and Central America, he loved it so much he felt he had to take others along.  He has great stories, so have a look, have a ride.

Jonas Van Driessche


Jonas, like his partner, Iris, is a traveller since childhood, as a result he has a great perspective on the world.  His experiences are worth sharing and thankfully he does.  Have a look at a travellers tale.

Guillermo Mac Lean


"Mac", is an artist, a writer, a traveller … he's combined all and has beautiful stories to tell.  Join Mac, join Traverse, as he shares his travels through words and pictures.

Colby Ellis


A native of Vancouver, Canada, Colby was a late starter to motorcycle riding.  With just two years experience he's off riding RTW, asking what makes people happy?  

It's all about HeadsUpGuys.

Olly Holmes


Olly Holmes, the son of a traveller and a Brit who lives in Indonesia, has plenty to tell of the bike culture in his new home.  He'll take us all around the New York of Asia; The Big Durian, Jakarta.

Mike Bibichkov


Mike, loves sharing his native Russia with fellow travellers.  Aboard his Triumph Tiger he knows places in the vast country that many others don't.  Whether on a bike or through his stories, Mike will take us to Russia.

Kylie Day


Kylie got her licence not that long ago and in doing so she jumped on a Honda CB500X and set off from London to New York.  It's a great journey and Kylie has great stories to tell … come with her as she shakes off the chain, one link at a time ...

Megan Governi


 'I want to explore' she said, 'I want to ride a motorbike' she said.  What? She hated bikes! Now madly in love with moto travel, there's a lot of stories to be told … mostly at her partners expense.

Ray Lindner


 He's an old bugger, but a good bugger.  Takes on travel most people a third of his age wouldn't.  Ray's travelled the world and loves sharing his adventures.

Anurag Kakkar


He's a shooter, a hunter.  Anurag hunts with light and his imagery is outstanding.  He's keen to shoot the wilderness of his home country and share this with the world.

Yuri Kalika


Yuri's a passionate traveller and bike rider, he loves his home country; Russia, and wants to share it with the world.  He shares his stories, he shares his rides … join him ...

Joe Enberg


Joe started riding later in life and hasn't looked back as he explores his native Canada.  Bikes, snowmobiles, what else?  Come along and find out. 

Jac Riley-Smith


Jac, and husband Sam, travelled Australia with their kids, fell in love with Tasmania and never left.  She now wants you to do the same with her Southern Riders.  Join her ...

Tim Notier


Tim Notier was never really a traveller, never venturing far from home.  Reunited with a highschool sweetheart changed things, thrust into a world of adventure he set out to explore ...

Lawrence Bransby


A writer of note, a traveller too.  Lawrence Bransby enjoys nothing more than sharing his adventures; 7 travel books is proof of that.  Sit back, enjoy the ride and find that you've taken on more than you expected.

Alex Jackson


Alex visited South Africa in 1998, rode a bike for a week then fell in love.  The pull of Africa was such that he returned again and again, now he wants you to be a part of the adventure.

Ben Dubbeld


Ben loves motorsport, especially that of the two wheeled variety.  An avid photographer he's a collector of images and through his lens we'll see the world.

Craig Jackson


Craig has completed many Compass Expedition tours, makes sense, he works for them.  Through the tours and wants to share the world with us.      

Matthew Bishop


Just a 'normal' guy who, along with his mate Reece, thought they could ride round the world in a sidecar attached to a scooter.  They did it and here's their story As Seen From The Sidecar …   

Shane Donkin


Hailing from Healesville, Australia, Shane is a traveller, a story teller, a motorbike rider.  His stories leave you wanting more ... we want more ...

Clement Rouche


Clement Rouche, 27 years old, French and riding South America.  Clement is seeing what he can Take A Way while providing for endangered environment and communities.

Maria Visconti


Maria is a travel writer and photographer who loves sharing her adventures, especially when in India.  They're great adventures, so why not join Maria?

Julie Hasse


A native Californian, Julie Hasse loves to ride, loves to write, combining the two are a perfect way to explore and share ... check out The Back Forty ...

Johs Lund Larsen


Johs has been riding for over 50 years and covered most of Europe plus Indonesia and Africa.  He loves sharing his story, so read on ...  

Stuart McLean


Stuart McLean loves bikes and loves travel, especially Nepal and the Himalayas.  Stewie has a unique view of the world and travel, often making for a great laugh ... let's see where he takes us this issue.

Andy Davidson


Andy's ridden for the past ten years and been a professional journalist for almost as long.  He's been on the road for over 18 months with his partner Alissa and has many great stories to share.

Alissa Potter


Alissa is travelling the world with her partner Andy, her images are outstanding, illustrating beautifully what Andy writes ... they're a great combination ... they're Mad Or Nomad ...

Gabriella Linford


Gabriella, is a reknowned photographer / videographer, who's work has taken her around the world but she loves nothing more than getting on a bike and having a go ... sometimes organising rides without a bike ...

Ralph Hudson


At the age of 13, Ralph Hudson built his first motorbike.  Now, well over 50 years later he's still building them and they're bloody fast, in fact the fastest on earth.  Ralph admits he loves talking about his adventures with speed.  Hold on, he's taking us with him ...

Benji Brundin


Benji hasn't been riding long, yet he's been a long way, mostly in outback Australia.  The places most won't go call to him and he meets them.  His tales are of adventure and survival.

Shane Buckley


Shane loves exploring Asia and taking others with him, he's not afraid of going where others won't to see the real South East Asia.  Let him take you somewhere special ...

Andrew Beattie


Andrew is the Motelorcyclist; strange name, strange mission ... and we love it!  Andrew spent a year on the road exploring America's roadside motels, they're kooky and perhaps a little spooky ... what a great adventure ...

Dan & Sam Walker


Everyone says they're crazy, no, they're just on a mid-life gap year and what better way to do it ... by bike ... usually a Ural called 'Sassy' ... and with it, Dan & Sam are headed nowhere fast but everywhere cool ...

Verena & Martin Litschauer


Verena and Martin, their world 'spins as fast as they ride'.  Perhaps they ride slow as they have enough time to explore and enjoy the 'now'.  This pair from Austria are having a great time, so let's join them and see what the next adventure is.

Carolyn Lamb


Carolyn says her empty nest syndrome and midlife crisis collided.  She got her license and bike 2 1/2 years ago, and has been having a ball ever since ... Carolyn is loving life ... and we love her adventures ...

Phil Lalor


Phil is a two wheeled vagabond who sees the world around him from a different perspective.  Phil shares his perspective with beautiful images and words ...